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Why You Have To Take 1 Bitcoin?

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I try to hit on other financial topics and other things that are happening in the crypto currency community.

Today I’m going to be focusing on the what I’ve started to call the 1 Bitcoin rule of little bit of a backdrop to this.

I was talking about I think if I had a certain amount of money what I myself would do with this money.

If Money You Have

I put the money into around thirteen different alt coins and a lot of people were commenting in the comments section saying that they thought it was irresponsible for someone to tell potential investors who could be getting into the creek the curfew space not to even put.

Ten dollars in it into bit coin. Because they believe.

  • That bitcoin will probably be the number one coin property & currency for a very long time.
  • This also completely ties into a couple of days ago as well we had news that Charlie Lee had said.
  • That everyone should buy at least 1 Bitcoin even before buying lite coin which is the point that he gave birth to a but that’s a completely different post.

We won’t even talk about that in this article the coin harmed.

I have an honest question and I really mean this, I want to know exactly what everyone thinks

I’ll try not to get too rude in the comments section but I want actual answers as to what everyone actually thinks on this entire topic.

Do you think honestly that it’s necessary that everyone should at least own one bit coin before buying any other. I’ll point out there meaning that people should put around eighty two hundred dollars right now of whatever they have their savings in order to buy.

Big point before buying anything else on that same exact topic. I’m going to start kind of go through a bit of like prices and stuff like that not even to in depth. It’s more less the things that we’ve heard before to put it short. We’ve heard as far as the from John McAfee. He said that by twenty twenty the price of one bit coin will hit one million dollars I think the lowest.

The thing that we’ve seen for twenty twenty from people giving a price estimations has been around.

Article on Bitcoin Price
Article on Bitcoin Price

Future Price of BTC

I think two hundred thousand to around twenty to fifty thousand dollars per bit coin in the simply has to do with the on the mining reward getting cut in half and more people figuring out what the client is the the spread of bitcoin if you will.

And even as a little bit further on the same exact topic is that by the year twenty thirty.

I’ve heard this multiple times that the price of big point will be one hundred million dollars per quite.

I know that sounds completely insane from them home and where we are now but it pretty much comes down to.

The idea is is that as the mining reward constantly gets cut in half every couple of years people will start to go insane realizing that they can never own one actual one bitcoin.

I’m kind of the thing that we spoke about in the Charlie the video as well we we’ve touched on this but there’s never been like. I think a dedicated video forgive me, if I’m mistaken but the point is is that the idea is there will never be enough full bit coin offer each millionaire on the planet to own.

What Millionaires Doing?

Actually even for the all be millionaires were living in America right. Now nowhere else you not see for America there’s not even enough of one full bit coin circulating around for all of them based on the numbers that we have at seventeen million circulating bitcoin right now.

The idea is that four to six million of them have been completely lost for ever on people’s computers simply. Because they threw them out they didn’t know what they were doing at the time they got rid of them the people lost private keys whatever the scenario might have been which leads us to a world.

Where we only have eleven million circulating big point in that we went over the numbers as well before and another video where we talked about on how it’s believed or rather I calculated off from all of the.

Mining companies mining corporations the billion as a million us coffee talk about Quinn how much bitcoin in that they have.

1 Bitcoin Rule

We get a number anywhere between two to five million big point that are actually circulating at any given time going through changes back and forth which means that there’s less than 1 Bitcoin.

Her millionaire actually floating around.

So the friend who I always talk about a guy actually it is if you’re listening I’m I think it’s time for him to he had a trip to you to China before the he completely stopped it.

But I think it’s time for him to bring it back because he has he has very interesting ideas when it comes to the entire Cup across the space one of the things that we talk about a lot is I know it seems like a joke but this kind of ties into it right here.

I’ll mention this before and it’s still kind of a joke but we made jokes based on this actual prediction and it comes down to there’s an article I’m pretty sure you can find it is called the big point time travel as I spoke about it once before but I think I touched on for half a second because it is kind of weird it’s literally something that someone wrote on reddit.

This guy claims to be from the future I believe that is from the year twenty forty or something like that but he says around the you.

BTC Value Soon

Twenty nineteen something starts to happen with the big point where people will be more or less are to gobble it up as quickly as possible he says by the year twenty twenty two something cataclysmic happens in the world economy people start to just turn to big point because of its price rise in the stability and by the time we get to the year twenty thirty.

He says that even just having zero point zero one bit coin is actually enough to live off of forever like I said this is pure fantasy I’ve I’ve said.

Fantasy like things in other videos before and other people took me as if I was.

Telling the truth or something factual if I tell you just to take things for fun I’m I do like to have fun I am human also we usually base our when we talk about crypto currency sometimes point as well we’ll reference his zero point zero one.

Reason of Price Hike

When you look at for a lot of the price predictions for the price of bitcoin by twenty thirty and even from a lot of the people who are into economics and stuff like that they say if we’re if we stay on the same path. Not even talking about McAfee’s prediction of the one million this if we stay on the same path and more people start to get into big point if the mining the work continues to get cut half.

And we see this gradual price rise from where we are now it could get to a point where bit coin could actually hold a large portion of the world of GDP meaning that.

A large portion of the money that’s circulating in the world will just be and bit coin it’s been estimated that if we stay on this path that by twenty thirty.

I serve big coin or rather the price of the coin will be so large that people will simply the nominating and bit pointing one of the main arguments against doing this now is that if you go to a shop.

You’re trying to buy something and something cost zero point one three for a big point in you gotta pay for then it could be zero point one four two and nobody wants to do that and that whatever the case may be whatever the argument is not gonna go to in this video.

So I honestly wouldn’t know what do people think.

Business Value for Bitcoin

About this do you don’t tell people how much are you own if you own any bit point at all I’m in the comments section below don’t spread your business you never know who’s out there listening I just tell me more or less.

If you do own just right yes I do own some I tell me if you even own a zero point zero one like if your main goal has always been just only zero point zero one because if we do get to a point I know it seems far fetched.

I know I try telling this to someone else before I’m someone was upset in the comments section I think people always arts that I say.


I was talking something about the future price of one of the coins in they were saying how this absolutely ludicrous and that you you have to remember big point was pennies.

It was it was less than I think like four cents at one point and the fact that we are here now the fact we got the twenty thousand no one could of everything that possible.

I was looking through articles before I made this video a lot of the old articles I found stuff from like twenty twelve twenty three.

Finally, if you will buy 1 bitcoin today then you chances must be that you will be billionaire soon.


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