1 prime slime – Yucky Science Education Chemistry Experiments 5 Types of Slime with Borax For 6 Year Old & Above

Yucky Science Education Chemistry Experiments 5 Types of Slime with Borax For 6 Year Old & Above

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  • Slime Making Kit. Make 5 Types of Slime with Borax at Home with Mixing Simple Chemicals . Difficulty Level - Medium.
  • 5 Types of Slime are Colored Slime, Galaxy Glitter Slime, Candy Slime , Yucky Clear Slime,Alien Slime
  • Yucky Science Slime Kit includes all The materials , Borax, ingredients , Tools, Activity Guide to conduct the Activities at Home
  • Great Fun and Learning of Chemistry for Children of Age 6 Years and Above for Boys and Girls
  • Watch Activity Video Tutorials on Youtube Channel Science with Zlife Education

Product Description

Dip your hands and get messy with the Slime Madness box! Make 2 Solutions and Mix and match the chemical solutions to get the right squishy slime. Kids aged 6 years and older can perform these experiments with adult Supervision & Assistance. Learn some basic concepts in polymer science. With this Science kit, your child can make 5 types of slime: Yucky Slime, Galaxy Glitter Slime, Coloured Slime, Candy Slime & Alien Slime! You can also get creative with the colours, glitter, googly eyes and create your own type of slime. The kit contains all the required chemicals sufficient to make a litre of slime & tools including a measuring beaker, spatula, mixing bowls and much more to perform all the experiments in the kit. The kit also contains a detailed manual and video tutorial on YouTube for the experiments. 'Yucky Science' is a series of fun science experiments conceptualized by Zlife Education. The 'Slime Madness' box of Yucky Science contain all the ingredients and tools that can...

adidas Boys' Trousers (AX6395_Black and Shock Slime F16_1 - 2 years)

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  • Color: Black and Shock Slime F16
  • 70% Cotton and 30% polyester
  • Relaxed fit
  • Elastic closure
  • Cropped

VEESHNA:: Borax Powder for slime. Pack of 1 KG.

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  • Applications: Fire Retardant, Anti-Fungal Compound, Used in the manufacture of fiber glass
  • Can be used as a flux in metallurgy, Neutron-capture shields for radioactive sources,
  • A texturing agent in cooking, Ideal for laundry and cleaning purposes
  • Used as a precursor for other boron compounds
  • Along-with its inverse, Boric acid, is useful as an insecticide

Product Description

Borax Substitute is a mineral compound, with the perfect pH for cleaning, and is gentler than Soda Crystals yet stronger than Bicarbonate of Soda. How To Use : Multi-purpose cleaner. When mixed with water, lemon juice or white vinegar, Borax Substitute makes an excellent scouring agent, slightly more cleaning power than Bicarbonate of Soda. Add Borax Substitute and White Vinegar to plug-holes to fizz away any debris. Make your own bath salts by adding perfume and a drop of food coloring to Borax Substitute.

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