3 prime squishies – Murray the Race Horse (Fables from the Stables)

The Amazing Squishy Brain (SmartLAB)

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Product Description

Build a brain and then pick it apart with SmarLab's awesome anatomy kit The Amazing Squishy Brain. This anatomically correct model, complete with moving mandible (jawbone), squishy plastic brain, and eyeballs makes for a realistic experience of our body's gray matter. If you think about it, it's really a no brainer!Kids will get ahead of the pack at school by taking a tour through the senses, movement, memory, emotion, decision-making, and automatic functions of the brain. Plus, they’ll learn about phenomena like brain freezes, and get plenty of fun activities, too

BonZeal Soft Creative 3D Printed Watermelon Fruit Pillow Round Soft Plush Sofa Car Seat Pad Decor Toys Sponge Cushion

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  • Material: Plush + High density sponge
  • Shape: Round, Type: Pillow Cushion
  • Size: (approx.) 32cm x 32cm x 5cm (LBH)
  • Use as bolster, sofa-cushion, back and head pillow, great for in-bed reading and TV watching
  • Package includes: 1 x Round Fruit Pillow. Colour: Red Watermelon

Product Description

The most timeless and comfortable fabric in fashion. Decorate your room, sofa, cars and chairs, etc. Can create a romantic, warm and comfortable atmosphere for your home. Very cute Fruit design. The perfect complement to your couch. Custom pillows will make you the envy of the neighborhood. A good match to home decoration.

Murray the Race Horse (Fables from the Stables)

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Product Description

Murray the horse dreams of winning big races just like the rest of his family but he has one problem - he's just not that fast! When horse Ned Plumb twists his ankle at the start line, his jockey spots Murray in the crowd and says, 'Fancy a race?' Murray finally gets his chance to shine and beat the neigh-sayers with a rather unusual race technique...Written in winning verse, the accessible, bonkers writing in Murray the Horse will charm boys and girls age 7-11 (and horse-lovers of all ages), is complemented by Tor Freeman's hilarious illustrations, and has a great message about believing in yourself and following your dreams.

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