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Vipin Mishra

Vipin mishra is a digital marketeer by profession. He is the founder of Uber Sigma E-commerce website.

Vipin posts a lot of articles on traveling, E-commerce business, Education system management, Artificial intelligence and marketing fundamentals for high ticket value sale, etc. He is a fan of Google AdWords & Facebook. So, he releases a lot of marketing tips online and maintains them. He also posts articles on various country culture values and tweaks of United States Of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, Nepal & others in several blogs.

Vipin owns a restaurant shop, E-com, Blockchain & technical startup on finance also ( he drinks a lot of milk 🙂 )


Uravashi Chawala

Uravashi is a B.com. student and upcoming Chartered Accountant and helps out with most of the ideas & graphics (new places to travel, trekking experience, food shops, art values, models of India, music, icons, logos, motion graphics, demo videos etc.) seen on this site. She writes finance & saving related articles. She also helps out with the support for most of the Tips and Tricks for finance, GST, business improvement, startup monitoring & budget pacing related themes. Uravashi grew up in Uttar Pradesh (Allahabad) & California and is currently living in Australia.

Uravashi Chawala