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Acupressure Health Care System Sujok Probe Metal Roller , Dismandable Diagnostic Jimmys, Sujok Rings , Metal Roller ,Silver & Gold

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  • Acupuncture Needle
  • It Is A Diagnostic & Therapeutic Stick Used In Identifying Correspondence Points.
  • Sujok Jimmy,

Product Description

Sujok jimmy is an unique tool for su-jok doctors and acupressure practitioners. It is a diagnostic & therapeutic stick used in identifying correspondence points. In su-jok healing, there are different types of probes- plain probe, probe with lens, probe with massager, probe with spring used for onnuri auricular therapy etc. "su-jok" is a combination of two words, 'su' means hands and 'jok' means feet. Sujok actually means treatment on hands and feet. Sujok acupuncture/acupressure is a physical & metaphysical, natural therapy of healing without drugs and medicine. Su-jok healing is a instant and effective therapy without medication. Su-jok is absolutely safe for human beings and does not have any side effects. Sujok helps in curing diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, cervical, spondylitis, backache, joints pain, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, deafness, paralysis, constipation, acidity, obesity, diabetes, blood-pressure, menstrual problems and many more chronic disease...

Acupressure Health Care System Acupressure Japanese Therapy Weight Loss Slimming Toe Ring

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  • Simple weight loss therapy
  • Magnets at special acupressure points
  • Weight loss by increased metabolism
  • Gradual loss in 3-6 months
  • Absolutely no side effects

Product Description

Key Feature : Magnetic reflexology used by this gadget increases metabolism It also massage the foot They are flexible and comfortable Made using high-quality silicone rubber and comes fully loaded with strategically placed magnets that target specific pressure points, which are said to trigger weight loss The Magnetic Slimming and Health silicone gel toe rings increase your metabolism to help you to lose weight without exercising loss Type : Weight Care Products Stay healthy and wise with the amazing range of products from Gadget Hero. If you are tired of the excess weight and disparaging looks from everyone around you, make your desire for health and wellness to see the light of day with this product. If you dream of getting rid of those few extra pounds without the hassle of working out in a gym, try their magnetic toe rings.

Acupressure Health Care System Acs Oxygen & Blood Circulation Machine (5 In 1)

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  • Quickly improve your Blood Circulation
  • Prevent the high and low blood pressure and Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid
  • Relax tiredness, improve insomnia

Product Description

(A) Quickly improve your Blood Circulation, (B) Prevent the high and low blood pressure, Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid. (C) Relax tiredness, improve insomnia. (D) Ease pains in the shoulder, neck, waist and improve the phenomenon of cool hands and feet and anesthesia. (E) Get rid of arthrosis rheumatism and nerves shrink. (F) Frees up tight joints and organs. (G) Improve the chronic disease such as : diabetes, lung bronchitis. (H) Balances the Yin & Yang energy. (I) Presses all reflex points. (J) Removes blockages from channels & blood vessels. (K) Relaxes the muscles. A set of scientific experiments undertaken by the development centre of Chinese heart blood vessels magazine show that after standing on the high frequency helix surge instrument for 15 minutes, the speed of blood circulation of the feet increase by 130% and the speed of blood circulation in crura artery increase by 54.5%, for another people who suffer from high blood pressure, their shrinking blood pressure...

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