‪‪Porter Ranch – Fire Flame with 45 mph flow at Aliso Canyon gas storage

More than 45 miles per hour, fire flame reached at the ‪Aliso Canyon gas storage.

‪Aliso Canyon natural gas storage located at Porter Ranch‬ and this is a ‪Southern California Gas Company.

First accident report raised by Erick Scott after 9.30 pm in Tampa avenue. Within 15 minutes, firefighters had taken charge but fire had got place more than 15 acres and it was burning like hell.

Heavy wind flow created seen more sensible and hilarious. But initially, it was range between 20 to 35 miles per hour but now winds has taken speed of 45+ miles per hour and situation getting worst.
A representative of Southern California Gas Company explained that we operates the natural gas storage facility where a damaged well spewed methane for four months and displaced thousands of residents, confirmed that the fire was burning at the site.

“We are cooperating with first respondents, including LAFD and LAPD, as they work to keep the community safe,” spokesman Chris Gilbride said.

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