Best Bitcoin Exchange – Top 5 Exchange

In this blog, we are going to learn about best bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin is a digital currency or e-currency, for that you have to required a bitcoin wallet or virtual currency wallet.

In this case, Your have to convert, your hard cash or money form bank wallet to bitcoin wallet. Here, Bitcoin exchange are working to keep safe and transfer money form cash to digital.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, that’s why, if you are thinking to buy bitcoin or get bitcoins in cryptocurrency format then you can choose these few exchanges to transfer money form your wallet to bitcoin wallet.

1. Coinbase: This is one of the most secure and crowded place of bitcoin as a exchange. It’s office located at San Fran, USA and the trust score of this company is A+ (9.85).

2. Local Bitcoins: This is reliable bitcoin exchange, it works on local currencies and rating of this exchange is A (9.65).

3. Poloniex: This exchange head office, located at Delaware, USA and rating is B+ or 9.70.

4. Bitcoin Panda: In this exchange, you can transfer your money form paypal, neteller, skrill, SEPA method or mediums. Head office at Austria and rating B+ or 9.50.

5. BitQuick: Head office located at San Mateo, USA and rating is A+ or 9.52. Here you can transfer through credit or debit card and Neosurf.

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