Best chance to invest in Bitcoin

Best chance to invest in Bitcoin

Hi friends, Best chance to invest in Bitcoin is now.

Lots of countries like China and other are trying to ban Bitcoin prices and trading. They are fearful about their currency.

They think that if they will stop cryptocurrency. So, it can halt the devaluation of the coin.

Biggest financial market

But actually, this is not true. Bitcoin is now the biggest financial market future investment plan.

Most of the business man had already done this. And if still, you are waiting for it then do it right now.

I am not an affiliate of Bitcoin, but I am a good wisher of yours. The reason behind that everything is going online today.

So as you know that digital currency will be the best solution for business in future technology. E-Commerce has no boundaries.

So that’s why they don’t want to spend lots of money to transfer currency fee and their charges.

Another biggest problem of moving money from one country to another is high taxation. Whenever you want to try to transfer your money from USD to INR. Then you have to pay at least 2% plus other service taxes.

Bitcoin breakup in two ways bitcoin cash and BTC

PayPal as a medium

If you’re using PayPal as a medium of money to transfer between two currencies. Then still you have to pay at least 3% plus service taxes.

Sweat means the business man is Losing at least 5% of their income. Sometimes it is not their margin.

As per the data of the world economic forum. 3 trillion dollar is wasted due to the taxation of transfer of money in between two countries.

As per the data of RBI, more than 7 lakh crore rupees in a year has been hacked during transfer.

Similarly as per the data of Federal Bank of America. The currency has destructed more than 5% of the commission to money transfer.

So that’s why this is the biggest threat of the businessman who is working on very less margin.

bitcoin price after breakup in two parts

Bitcoin currency exchange

But when you’re talking about invest in Bitcoin currency exchange & the transaction charges. Then it is very minimal as compared to hard cash or current money.

Bitcoin had come in 2007. But now it is viral. The reason is first transaction and very minimum fee charges.

As per the data of Bank of America, 70 billion money has been hacked by hackers during the transfer process.

But Bitcoin security system is based on blockchain Technology. That’s why if anybody wants to hack that money then they have to get some supercomputer.

And if someone has super-computer then still he can hack very less amount of data. And accountability of Bitcoin is based by users of Bitcoin trading.

So, in this case, nobody can hack Bitcoin. Digital currency is easy to use. No boundaries or regulations are applied.

price of bitcoin and invest in bitcoin

Booming from zero to Hero

Bitcoin is ruling now. Similarly other digital currency like Ethereum, Dogecoin, lite-coin, etc. They all are booming from zero to Hero level.

Business model is exponential. The reason is straightforward that they are making the exponential growth of businessman.

As per the statement of Russian Finance Minister. No chance to ban on Bitcoin or any digital currency. Why anybody tries to stop this if it is free to use.

If the user or human beings are flexibility use this then they can use it.

It is the brief statement by Russian finance minister after the ban of initial coin offer by China.

In that same context, he told that nobody could try to stop digital currency and they don’t have to try it.

Sentiment for Invest in Bitcoin

But still, the price of Bitcoin is going down. Somebody told that South Korea and USA depression sentiments are the reason.

Price of Bitcoin downgrade due to this cause.

The price of Bitcoin is going down. At the same time, other distal currency or cryptocurrencies are taking high up.

So this is the short news about Bitcoin and their history. In an upcoming blog, we will come with lots of other innovative information regarding cryptocurrency for you.

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