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As is sharp out several time here already, there is no such business as a Bitcoin account. There is no central authority, so there is no application process, there’s nothing to accept, and nobody to say it. You favorably have to control the software and you have several options as to how you go just about that. If you longing some foster, I wrote an entire website for helping subsidiary users profit started in the spread of Bitcoin. It’s fairly US-centric, but I’m getting commendation from six continents a propose the direct it contains.

However many answers make a clean breast “bitcoin has no accounts” which is fundamentally untrue. An account is defined as a list of transactions, and a ledger is defined as a accretion of accounts. The bitcoin blockchain is often referred to as a distributed ledger, and bitcoin balances are represented as the aggregate of unspent transaction outputs (UTXO). Thus to recommend that bitcoin is accountless is to misunderstand or misrepresent how bitcoin actually works.

To pay for a supportive allergic allergic reaction bitcoin, you first dependence to make an account (by installing a wallet and generating a cryptographic key pair). You later pretentiousness to share your account number (which is the hash of your public key) before now the sender.


The absolute fastest way that I have found for anyone anywhere in the world to begin to accept Bitcoin in seconds is with Rush Wallet – Get your Bitcoin wallet.

No email addresses, names, phone numbers or any barriers to entry with this site. You just create a Bitcoin wallet in seconds.

This service works across android, iOS, tablets and desktop computers. It is the fastest and simplest way that I have found to get a “Bitcoin account”.

It’s important to note that at its core, Bitcoin is actually a very simple contraption.

Each “account” that you are talking about is just a pair of “digital keys” or more commonly known as a key pair.

First, you have the public key (which essentially acts as a username) and a private key (which essentially acts as a password)

If I know your username (public key) I can send your account as much Bitcoin as I feel like.

If I know your password (private key) I can empty your account of all of its Bitcoin. Neither transaction can be reversed so it is VERY important to keep your private key as secure as possible to prevent your wealth being stolen.

This took me a about 7 seconds to get this “account” or public key on my iphone. This QR code is commonly called your Bitcoin address.

My public key for this wallet is:1BGEtHa1eE9YnijsApd64jRRvqgVWMZSsR

This is what my private key (password) looks like for this particular public/private key pair.


It’s just a longer string of numbers but since I posted this online where everyone can see it, any funds that ever go to this public key will be accessible with just my private key.

There is a saying in Bitcoin that “whoever controls the private key, controls the Bitcoin.”

Which is kind of like me saying “whoever controls your Quora password, controls your Quora account.”

Good luck getting started with your first Bitcoin address.

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