Bitcoin and Brazil

Bitcoin and Brazil, these two names are well known identity into the world.

Bitcoin is digital currency and Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy and Brazil, population of 208 million.

The relation between these two identity are interest and flow of digital currency (Bitcoin) into the Brazil.

According to the report of one of the Brazil finance company was, Brazil is the one the most users of bitcoins, ethereum, dogecoin after russia.

The reason of this flow is mobile penetration, In Brazil, there are more than 22 million mobile penetration of upwards of 132% which has created a fertile ground for mobile payments.

Another report of bitcoin faucet website users is, Russia and Brazil are the top most country to use bitcoin faucet websites.

The flow of bitcoin related with these two countries. Card network brands such as Visa and MasterCard, “could be safer from the bitcoin threat,” the Santander report says. Blockchain technology could boost their earnings by lowering transaction, IT, and back-office costs.

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