Bitcoin for everyone

Millions of transactions is still going on when you are reading this article for Bitcoins, User compatibility on one or more of major currency or hard cash form. But hard cash leading to a poor user experience.

Now! World has changed and their economy level working on global level that’s why this session called a word “globalization” of world economy or finance for better trade and communication.

In Previous era, users were trading with ancient currency like food and goods exchange, after that hard cash transfer and then now, online banking or e-banking is going on.

Current online banking users have roughly more than 3 billion, next two years possiblity will be there will be more than 8 billion.

Demand of online transfer system and money flow, santoshi nakamoto created a new transcation system worldwide with a minimal cost or value called as a “Blockchain” system.

This blockchain system create a new currency calling as “Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin making transfer and finance form one end of user to other end of user without any location limitation. This system working on only user to user or peer to peer system.

Now! Bitcoin got it explosive growth in e-cuurency or digital currency. Because, bitcoin is more compatiable.

The best feature of bitcoin is this for everyone to anyone with minimum transnational charges worldwide without limitation of location.


What causes hard cash incompatibilities?

It’s complex. Here are some of today’s top culprits:

1. Tracking is complex,
2. Payout is difficult,
3. Difficult to take and keep,
4. Records of hard cash not in proper manner,
5. Transfer incompatibilities,
6. Intense demand,
7. Implementations,
8. Access or execution,


Features of Bitcoin:

It’s easy and best to convey. Here are few of today’s top benifits:

1. Tracking easy,
2. Record verification,
3. Payout easy,
4. Easy to collect and keep,
5. Worldwide Transfer,
6. As per request demand,
7. blockchain,
8. Access validation
9. Execution validation

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