Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Bitcoin Payment Gateway module

The more payment options your customers have, the enlarged and a growing number of online merchants are foundation happening matter opportunities in the region of the world by helpful bitcoin. Spicepays fasten bitcoin payment gateway makes it comprehensible to begin obliging bitcoin payments and selling to customers anywhere in the world, safely and affordably.

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Why adaptableness to bitcoin payments? There are no bank or description card transaction fees, giving you well ahead profit margins and the perform to doing globally at a demean cost. Transactions are completed instantly and anonymously, as soon as no charge backs. All sales are utter!

Regular settlements: Receive payment in bitcoin, USD or a photo album of both
Automated quarrel: SpicePay instantly exchanges your BTC for USD concerning added orders, or you can row it manually
Low fees: SpicePay charges a admin press sustain on of just 1% per transfer

Use Bitcoin Payment Gateway SpicePay module to begin yielding Bitcoin upon your Open cart shop in few clicks.

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