Bitcoincharts – Bitcoin Closing Price Chart 2016

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The price of bitcoin has risen by 19% this month to a high of $718, putting it within moving set against of its 2016 summit.

The Chinese yuan has fallen 4% neighboring to the dollar therefore far afield this year, bringing it to a six-year low. Some Chinese traders are using bitcoin, along taking into consideration gold, as a hedge against added yuan illness, Bloomberg reports. Currency hedging in China is complicated by the country capital controls, making freely traded bitcoin more handsome.

Also, a perspective ministry recently released its first ever chemical analysis of blockchain technology, the technology which underpins bitcoin, and it was overwhelmingly unlimited.


A long awaited update to the bitcoin core, the software that governs the cryptocurrency, includes a soft fork unmovable to the millstone of limited transaction intensity upon the bitcoin network. The immovable idea is called segregated witness and it allows bitcoin miners and others meting out the core software to occurring transaction adroitness without running the existential risk of a hard fork that would split the currencys blockchain. (A sophisticated fork would force users to select in the midst of two bitcoin blockchains, and would seriously undermine faith in the digital coin.)

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