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Bitcoin debate whether bitcoin value is flexible

Latest Bitcoin news, Always! Bitcoin debate is going on the row and the argument continue whether bitcoin value is flexible and clearly making volatile changes to measure and working on mainstream payments such as Visa and central bank RTGS systems such as Fedwire, it must be able to handle daily transaction volumes in the billions. No, the question is how it should scale up.

There is tiny doubt that the network could scale going on to handle Fed wire volumes. Technology is not the difficulty. The problem is price and in particular, the price of transactions.

Visa processed 37 billion transactions in FY 2008, or an average of 100 million transactions per day. That many transactions would put happening as soon as 100 GB of bandwidth, or the size of 12 DVD or 2 HD air movies, or roughly $18 worth of bandwidth at current prices. If the network were to profit that big, it would take going on several years, and by subsequently, sending 2 HD movies on summit of the Internet would probably not seem in the announce of a earsplitting conformity.

There are basically two camps: those who follow the original thinking of Bitcoins creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, that altogether allocation of transactions should be upon-chain and democratically validated, and those who think that the mannerism attend to is to admit on most transactions off-chain, leaving lonesome large transactions (perhaps made occurring of thousands of netted little transactions) upon the main blockchain.

Satoshi relies heavily upon Moores Law to justify his scuffle that the system will be able to scale taking place to handle billions of transactions at enormously low cost:

It is vague whether Moores Law will continue to apply for ever and a day. If it does, furthermore at some narrowing in the difficult computing faculty will effectively be available, therefore the by yourself cost for Bitcoin users will be the reward required by miners for validating their transactions. If it doesn’t, after that at some narrowing in the well ahead the price of computing faculty will stabilize at a level somewhere above zero. Under this scenario, transaction fees would enhancement to be along in the middle of possibly significantly so. The eventual stable cost of computing facility will determine the long-manage price of Bitcoin transactions. If it is too high, it will effectively allocate to the availability of Bitcoin.

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