Last 30 Days, Bitcoin Chart has formed a bullish trend in the market.

First week of March 2016 had a very bad experience with 400 USD mark but after that Bitcoin Price has formed bullish movement.

Last week of Feb 2016 was good for bitcoin traders because btc had taken $430 USD mark with sustainable mark. But after that market had taken a down trend and then $380 USD mark deep down flow.

But after that market showing strenth and bull mark into the market.

Now, Bitcoin trading with 430 USD mark and showing good strength..

But Today’s Question is :- Will the upward trend continue?

Because Bitcoin Forex expert saying that BTC will break as soon because of volume.

But our BitcoinsBlock.Com Expert views on Bitcoin Price is:

“Bitcoin Chart showing strength and It will be continue bullish trend for the next 3 weeks and Bitcoin can touch 460 USD mark as soon as possible.”BitcoinsBlock.Com

This prediction is on the basis of chart analysis.

Why Bitcoin Bullish in next 3 Weeks

  • Here! Biding chart showing lower volume of Buy bid and Sell Bid volume is higher.
  • Buy volume will completer their task very soon
  • Market will take a momentum in the forex market.
  • But, Don’t forget to set, Stop Loss limit of $415.63.
  • This is important level for breaking or making.

So, This is our weekly prediction, next week if any changes in our data or research anaylysis of Bitcoin Price or value then we will update you.

Current price of Bitcoin is $428.23 This prediction is based on our own analysis. We are not responsible for any loss of users.