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Got Another Bitcoin Scam for Investors

Another bitcoin scam got presence on internet market for Bitcoin Investment policy. A company on web told that invest in bitcoin with us and get 0.03% return on every hour.

Initially, this company has got $50,000 us dollars and delivered few money to few user of them but now this company website is down and for the last two weeks and no response till now!

Bitcoin scam is taking place because people trying to make money in rapid way. They are dreaming in day and putting their hard money into scams.

One more reason of this is bitcoin price growth for the last two years session. Because, last 2 years bitcoin price is growing in a zic mark towards high and high.

But before investing it, people have to investigate and recheck all facts about why is this company giving high return on it? Is it sustainable?

Their fraudulent investment plans: (Source:

invest 0.10 BTC, You GET 0.40 BTC, After 24 HOURS

invest 0.40 BTC, You GET 1.40 BTC, After 24 HOURS

invest 0.60 BTC, You GET 2.00 BTC, After 24 HOURS

invest 0.80 BTC, You GET 2.40 BTC, After 24 HOURS

invest 1.00 BTC, You GET 3.00 BTC, After 24 HOURS

MINI : 0.10 BTC, MAX : 1.00 BTC.

Hope this helps someone out there.


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