Present Bitcoin system is not prepare with economy

Present system of economy is not prepare to fight with digital currency system. Banks are trying to get solution for this problem because this digital currency system can break the value of individual currency or hard cash can’t suffer by this process.

Secret intelligence agencies given feed back for the digital currency or e-currency flow and how can it affect hard cash or fund illegal process form one end to another end of the world.

Governments are worried about this situation and trying to solve this issues and at-least, trying to take a medium root for this issue.

Intelligence told that user and use of virtual currencies were used for hawala or black money transaction form banks to other sources to trade and crime. Most of the person using or criminal using bitcoin at present for their criminal activity because this is number system process and no identity has been adopted that’s why criminal can’t be traced or identified easily.


Currently one bitcoin price is approx $650 and amount of bitcoin to transfer form one end to other bitcoin wallet is easy and no limit issue will be their.

American banks, Indian banks, Russian banks, China banks are trying to connect with each other and making blockchain system and trying to identify user value and their identity to adopt a safe and secure future for human being into the Earth.

Buyer and seller are selling products through online. This is a easy way to user but criminals are taking place to manipulate the system and try to get in charge.


Banks and technology making system, better and safe in future with the help of KYC system.

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