Bitcoin Technology Enabled Radical Changes, Now No Border To Invest, Trade, Transfer

Bitcoin Technology has enabled radical changes, It goes mainstream into the World, Now No Border To Invest, Trade and Transfer via Blockchain FinTech.

In India, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Brazil etc country merchants get bitcoin payment processing. Bitcoin trading platform getting big user flow and currency form these big objective countries.




Merchant Places of Bitcoins

But the fact is US based bitcoin payment solution and processor are still working worldwide. But big interest of India, Russia, Brazil and United States people’s creating a high volume to trade bitcoin.

In last few weeks, Bitcoin prices rise up near 50% and huge flow across these few country specific loacations.

For example: Size of Bitcoin Market in India then in India 1.2 billion individual personalities living here. India is the second max size into the world. Right now! only 0.6 billion people be in the market of Bitcoins.






Recent Startups form India

Big Startups across form India: Lot’s of big startup companies investing in bitcoin technology, for example:, coinsecure,, etc.

Bitcoin is a great investment opportunity to buy goods form bitcoin accepting merchants and fintech system.

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