how to blockchain technology works with bitcoin?

Blockchain technology – Banks, Companies, Business, Resources, Financial Institutes and more

Blockchain it is a technology of networks. Blockchain Technology have lots of feature.

For example: If, you are a customer and your connected with the network. Then you are creating a chain. This chain is combine into the network. That’s why this network is called as blockchain.

It is a very effective and Secure Technology. Today, this one useed into the banking. The reason of this network not only for safety features but also. A combine solution of Network Technology.
Every customer is participating as a partner. If you are a customer and Surfing the web. Then you are a partner of this Network Technology. Without your authentication nobody can transact. Either transfer any single amount of transaction.

Blockchain Technology and bitcoin use

Similarly into the blockchain technology, all the participants working as a partner. If you are using a blockchain technology, then without your confirmation nobody can transfer any amount of money. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. That’s why Bitcoin known as the most safe digital currency into the world.

The current price of Bitcoin is more than $1,300. As per the prediction of financial partners after bitcoin. It can be more than $10000 in upcoming 2018. If, Your money into the Bitcoin in 2014 at the rate of $10. Then it can be more than $1,300 till now. And still no prediction of the highest size.

bitcoin and blockchain jackpot casino

That’s why everyone investing into the Bitcoin digital currency. If you are investor and you are looking for something. Then this is your place where you can invest.

Blockchain technology is used by chinese banks, japanese banks, Swiss bank. The reason behind to using blockchain Technology. Strong Collection of data. Minimum amount of data. Maximum security of data. Easy communication of data. Higher Information Technology solution and many more.

Today lots of companies like Google Yahoo Facebook. They all are facing data storage and data garbage problem Due to high amount of traffic an unknown number of users. Making uncomfortable situation for these companies. These companies have huge human power. But it cannot be at the real time. That’s why banks have lots of bigger problem to resolve this at the lifetime solution. When we just know about blockchain technology. An effective solution and the partners and the workers are customers. That’s why they will be no any extra human resources indeed.

Don’t need any extra storage physical memory indeed. Flexible walking style and easy business formula has created blockchain Technology as a huge success. As we all know that digital payment is the current solution for all the human beings. It is making the system clean and transparent. With the help of digital payment business can be global.

Similarly, mcdonalds KFC haldiram dominos and other international companies comes at one platform. And created a common portal for all. With the help of this portal, transfer of money at the real time. And it can be performed by their own customers. This technology is also based on blockchain technology. After the implementation of McDonald limo companies banks come at 1 place. And decided similar kind of activity for all the transaction into the digital world. Blockchain technology is the future of technology.

bitcoin based on blockchain technology

If you’re still don’t know about blockchain technology then you can go on YouTube. And search more and get all the information about blockchain Technology Solutions. In India more than 80 millions of user using mobile and net banking solutions. India Is the biggest market into the current world scenario. That’s why all the companies are looking forward to India.

Due to huge traffic market india is the hottest Marketplace. To manage all the circumstances and valuation of their own company and business. Foreign investors are using blockchain Technology as a digital currency. America is the biggest user of Bitcoin. After that Russia is on the second level. And then China is trying to hack the Bitcoins into their own pocket.

Everyone knows about Bitcoin its unlimited currency section and if anybody have the huge amount of Bitcoins. Then in future of currency and economy we can rule. All the countries are working on digital currency and making their own currency as per their own convenience.

If you are looking for a Startup, then you can start with blockchain technology and Bitcoin. Similar as Paytm in India, amazon in United State of America aur Alibaba into the China. The ola IT sector companies distance solution of common human being.

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