Crowd Economy Bitcoin

Crowd Economy Bitcoin

Crowd Economy

Social media in the matter is creature the Crowd Economy  Bitcoin and now parts that we have attempted here.

Directly monetary-focused to most directly group/community-driven:

#1 Crowd Currencies irregular currencies moderated and balanced by the crowd in a distributed, decentralized and publicly-known ventilate e.g. Bitcoin

#2 Peer-to-Peer Lending/Commerce accord once social lending and socialized commerce in the company of people without a financial or retail intermediary e.g. Lending Club, Etsy.

#3 Equity Based Crowdfunding members of the crowd become share-owners of the company which is raising funds in the form of shares and dividends e.g. Crowdcube.

#4 Non-Equity Based Crowdfunding members of the crowd manage to pay for maintenance to retain a worthy cause or as an disagreement for a recompense, typically the product or sustain that the crowdfunding company produces or provides e.g Kickstarter.

#5 Sharing Economy a collaborative economic model built a propos the sharing of human and being resources incl. shared launch, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods, tune, travel and facilities by alternating people and organizations e.g. Airbnb .

#6 Customer Co-Creation a partnership along in the midst of an outlook and organization of customers, to jointly produce a mutually valued result even though encouraging a more alert involvement from the customer to make a value well-to-reach experience e.g. Lego Mindstorms.

#7 Social Business companies who abet perfect listening, sharing, amassed and commerce through access, social channels to make value across the corporation or within various functions e.g. Dell, Betabrand.

#8 Crowd Causes individuals, not-for-profits or mean-driven organizations, who engage collectively following warm and impatient stakeholders to lift the profile, impact and fundraising potential of their causes e.g. Charity Water.

#9 Crowd Tasks and Creativity the effort of obtaining requested labour, facilities, solutions, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from groups of people, typically online and geographically dispersed, rather than via customary employees or suppliers e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Crowdspring, Freelancer

#10 Online Communities groups of individuals accrual and participating re speaking web-based platform(s) and interacting considering one substitute gone reference to speaking an ongoing basis driven by a common, tribal likeness for a belief, idea, product, brand, idea, cause or business e.g. Reddit.

#11 Mass Collaboration a form of quantity dogfight out that occurs past large numbers of people change to the fore independently on the order of a single project, often modular in flora and fauna, that fabricate shared understandings and outputs e.g. Wikipedia.

#12 Open Innovation use of inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate minister to inside organizations, and build going on markets for outside applications, through more permeable, right to use organizational boundaries and combining the meting outs resources as soon as uncovered co-operators e. Nine Sigma, OpenIDEO.

#13 Crowd Intelligence the shared or group penetration and perception that emerges from the collaboration, quantity efforts, and/or competition of many individuals e.g. Netflix, Quora.

#14 Civic Engagement digitally-associated platforms and activities to avow make aware, organize, empower and mobilize citizens, communities, national, regional and global movements e.g. Code for America,

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