Crypto Market Eats NYSE, Daily Volume Slays!

Crypto Market Eats NYSE, Daily Volume Slays!

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Currently, the crypto currency market is eating the New York Stock Exchange.

What do I mean by that well the crypto currency market is doing the same daily volume as the New York Stock Exchange guides.

NYSE Daily Volume Slays
NYSE Daily Volume Slays

Well this might be not big news. But it is important to note that now daily volume in trading in crypto currency is matching or equaling or getting pretty dead gone you’re close to the NYSE.

Times News told that. Let’s talk about a gap here we go.

Global crypto currency markets has passed the fifty billion & close to the average turnover in the New York Stock Exchange.

Now global currency markets are now averaging the scene daily trading volumes as NYSE twenty four hour. Trade volume in the crypto currency market passed the fifty billion mark on Wednesday.

According to the data provider, now does this have anything to do with the big coin cash issue.

Who knows guys maybe, maybe not but doesn’t matter in my opinion and the reason. This is because daily trading volume in crypto currency is only going up and so as it continues to go off it will continue to eat NYSE is a like this one of the NYSE and now we have already done.

We’ve already talked about this in the clean up love. We’re now big point is worth more than a lot of different companies out. There should probably check it out yeah big point is worth more than a lot of the major conglomerates out there in the world. That close to this is close to the daily average trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange this year.

crypto market getting investors
crypto market getting investors

Yeah, daily trading volumes on the London Stock Exchange hover around six point seven million U. S..

They say the comparison is index as the crypto currency market is arguably closer to the foreign exchange market. Which is daily trade winds over five trillion. But a highlights just, how hot the crypto currency market has become in two thousand seventeen unlike the foreign exchange market crypto currency trading is largely done by small time retail investors.

May get closer to the stock market though huge investors are playing in the market. Now many within the financial industry has expressed concerns about the large unregulated market new case top financial regulator warned earlier. This month that people should be prepared to lose all their money.

They invest in big point and of course JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon said crypto currencies are a massive scam.

Yes I actually agree with Jamie Dimon there the vast majority of crypto currencies are a scam. But you can add a big point into that for sure all these ideas. That are coming out yeah vast majority in our skinny but Jamie Dimon can’t seem to figure out the difference between the two.

At the end of the day, this is fantastic news guys volume is going up and people are getting interested and yes, retail investors are getting in to the game which is fantastic I always try to remind myself that when the going gets tough.

I like to remind the crypt donation at the big one dot pub on this fact to every day. Thousands of people are joining the revolution every day guys thousands of people are joining the crypto currency economy.

This is a fantastic thing to remember when things get tough, we’re gonna continue see oscillations are going to continue see volatility

We’re going to continue see legislators try to regulate the ship and a big point in crypto currency in general guys.

Have a strong hand and I’ll see on the soon. Thanks guys for joining us in today’s crypto news.

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