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Delhi Is Not Far is one of Ruskin Bond's finest novels about a small town in India and its aspirations. Through its characters, Bond explores the vagaries of life in a small town and paints a vivid picture of their lives. Through this book, in an almost poetic manner, Bond takes his readers on a journey like never before, to a town named Pipal nagar.Through the eyes of Arun, a struggling crime writer in Pipal nagar, Ruskin Bond reveals the plot of Delhi Is Not Far. In the dusty old Pipal nagar, big things rarely happen. There is not despair but there is a sense of resignation in the air. The other protagonists in the story are Deep Chand the barber, Pitamber the cycle rickshaw driver and Aziz. These characters are all bound together by a deep desire to go to Delhi and lead the lives of their dreams. Deep Chand hopes to have a modern saloon where he may give the Prime Minister of the country a haircut. Pitamber on the other hand wants to own a motor rickshaw and Aziz will be...

When Life tricked me

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AuthorVikrant Khanna
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TitleWhen Life tricked me

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What do a bunch of 20 something's have in common: 1. A plan for how their life would shape up in regards their career,passion,dreams,love or sex. 2. A plan for completing the above plan. Not if you are Vik or belong to his friend circle.Life here is anything but a plan. Here ideas for life are scoffed at, dreams never appear in their long slumber and having fun and being laidback is considered to be an 'in' thing. Welcome to this world where everything else is made to wait. But, will time wait for them? Or will they succeed in their far fetched dreams for which they have'nt even started working? Oops...even thinking?? What role does Raghav,their best friend have in their life? Will he himself succeed in his unusual and rather unconventional idea of opening a dating club in the crowd bustling Priya complex of Delhi? Will time teach them a lesson? Or will they manage to cheat their calendar?? About The Author: Vikrant Khanna was brought up in Delhi and studied in Tagore International...


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AuthorRuskin Bond
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The twenty-one stories in the book are the greatest pieces of fiction written by Ruskin Bond. Chosen by the author himself, from a body of work built over fifty years (starting with his award-winning first novel, The Room on the Roof, and ending with Tales of Fosterganj) this collection includes well-known masterpieces like ‘The Night Train at Deoli’, ‘The Woman on Platform No 8’, ‘Rusty Plays Holi’ (from The Room on the Roof), ‘Angry River’, ‘The Blue Umbrella’, ‘The Eyes Have It’, ‘Most Beautiful’, ‘Panther’s Moon’, as well as newer stories like ‘An Evening at the Savoy with H.H.’ (from Maharani) and ‘Dinner with Foster’ (from Tales of Fosterganj). Taken together, the stories in A Gathering of Friends show why Ruskin Bond has long been regarded as one of the pillars of Indian literature. This is a book that will delight his legions of fans as well as those lucky few who are new to his fiction.

Delhi Is Not Far by Ruskin Bond - Goodreads

'Delhi Is Not Far' by Ruskin Bond is based on dreams and aspirations of common people in a sleepy town - Paipalnagar . The story is told through the perspective of Arun , who himself is a aspiring writer . People in Paipalnagar dream about going to Delhi and make a good living . Like all other Ruskin Bond books , this books also contains a cast of vivid wonderful characters .

Delhi Is Not Far | Ruskin Bond | Book Review

Well, coming to Delhi Is Not Far and talking about the plot, there isn’t any. Talk about the climax, there isn’t any. But what is there is a plentiful of everyday life and the nuisances of commonplace small town people. The characters are all there is to Delhi Is Not Far and they are indeed what makes this book such a special read. They all are unique.

Delhi is Not Far by Ruskin Bond - Book Review - Anu Reviews

Book Review - Delhi is not Far by Ruskin Bond - a lovely tale of simple times written in the easy simple manner that only Ruskin Bond can do.

Delhi is Not Far -

Delhi is Not Far [Ruskin Bond] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Ruskin Bond s most enduring novels, now in a stunning new look. An insightful story of smalltown India

Book review of 'Delhi is not Far: The Best of Ruskin Bond'

Delhi is not Far: The Best of Ruskin Bond, an uneven anthology.


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