Dishwasher salt I IFB Essentials Autodish Salt Dishwasher – 1 kg

IFB Essentials Autodish Salt Dishwasher - 1 kg

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  • Autodish salt avoids corrosion in a dishwasher caused by hard water and impurities
  • Autodish salt also prevents lime scale deposits by acting as an effective water softener
  • Autodish salt improves cleaning of dishes and also improves the efficiency of detergent usage by dissolving impurities like magnesium and calcium present in the water
  • Fill the softening unit of the dishwasher with one glass of water followed by 2 kg salt, mix well and this will last up to 45 washes

Product Description

Living in hard water areas can be a hassle. Metallic impurities present in hard water not only reduce the longevity of a dishwasher but also result in higher detergent consumption and poor wash quality. Autodish salt, a purified dishwasher salt that helps reduce hardness of water and protects your dishwasher from lime scale deposits. Equally suitable for all types of automatic dishwashers. When regularly used it keeps dishwashers corrosion free and improve detergent usage. Granular structure is designed to provide the right consistency and uniform action throughout a wash cycle. It is environment friendly..

Fortune Dishwasher Salt Compatible With All Dishwasher Brands - 2Kg

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  • Granular Form - Slow Release Formula;Dosage: Approx 30 Gram Per Wash Cycle
  • Helps Remove Water Hardness That Has A Negative Effect On The Dishwasher Performance Results
  • Best Results When Used In A Combo With Fortune Dishwasher Detergent And Fortune Rinse Aid;Compatible With All Dishwasher Brands

Product Description

By using Fortune Dish Washing Salt, the water can be reliably softened, substantially increasing its cleaning performance. Fortune Dish Washing Salt has a high NaCl content, and dissolves extremely quickly, which are the most important requirements for dishwasher salt. It helps in improving Detergent effectiveness.

Finsih Finish Dishwasher Salt - 1 Kg Pack Of 2

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  • Softens Water To Boost The Cleaning Performance Of Your Detergent
  • Prevents Spots And Watermarks On Dishes
  • Contains No Impurities Such As Iron And Carbonates

Product Description

Product Description Finish Pure Dishwasher Salt Offers Effective Machine Protection By Softening Water And Helping To Protect Against Limescale, Whilst Preventing Spots From Forming On Your Dishes. Since Hard Water Deposits Can Quickly Reduce The Efficiency Of A Dishwasher, Most Machines Are Fitted With An In-Built Water Softener. This Salt Helps To Keep Your Machine's Softener Working So That Limescale And Watermarks Are Less Likely To Form. Finish Dishwasher Salt Is Specially Granulated For Dishwashers - The Particles Are Larger Than Ordinary Table Salt So They Dissolve More Slowly And Don't Clog Up Your Machine.

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