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Donald Trump administration announcement of safety

Donald Trump administration ordered to be alert on for financial inclusion and safety of the nation.

After the speech of Donald trumps in United Nations Council. He told that he would destroy South Korea for their unliteral behavior.

Donald Trump administration tool that if anybody denies the security of United States of America. The United States will not tolerate that kind of activity. Donald Trump admission told that they would destroy the country who will try to harm us.

After the successful experiment by South Korea leader Kim zone of the hydrogen bomb in upcoming last month. After that all the countries were afraid, and they are thinking about to restrict South Korea.

United Nation Council headband South Korea for financial and trade purpose. United Nation had applied lots of another ban. Such as import and export ban, bilateral talk stop by everyone and much more.

Donald Trump administration tool that they will not tolerate any suspicious activity by any suspicious country.

After this Trump administration announcement, all the financial market had crashed down. Global markets sentiment right now in negative form.

All the foreign investor Institute are taking back the money from different nations. They are ready to prepare to Warwick South Korea and the United States of America.

They’re putting their money for safety and defense sector. United Nation Army is ready to deploy.

But South Korea leader told that he would destroy America by using hydrogen bomb into the ocean. Trump administration said that they are willing to face all the challenges.

Still, all the process is going ahead, and they are prepared to address the problems.

It’s a big alert for every country of the world. It can call World War 3 to the world.

South Korea is also well handled by the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb. That’s why everyone afraid from that kind of activity and war.

Nobody wants to go in that soon but if they are ready to do it then definitely it can be.

What does Bitcoin price is going down and down? It’s a sharp fall after $5,500 to till $3,500.

It’s not only with Bitcoin price, but it also affected all the distal currencies and cryptocurrencies of the world. All the investors are taking back the money from cryptocurrency and investing the money in the gold and silver.

It is a straightforward indication that the World War 3 it can happen. South Korea and United States of America war will be declared as soon as possible.

If this will happen then definitely financial market will go down, and all the economy will crash it.

Waiting for the next announcement of Trump Administration and we will inform you as soon as possible whatever it will be. Thanks.

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