Emma Stone Amazing Interview on YouTube with Britney Spears Mouth Walk

Tuesday! Interview of Emma Stone on YouTube had published. In this interview, Emma Stone reactions are amazing. Specially! The reporter was asking to her 73 different questions, but best impression comes into the video when Emma stone (The “Amazing Spider-Man” star) given mouth walk for Britney song.\

She was lip-syncing to the track of Britney Spears mode and sang the first lyric of “Baby One More Time” almost perfectly.

She was nominated for an Oscar.

Emma Stone Amazing Interview

Few top question form 73 questions into the interview of Emma Stone”

1. Who’s funniest? “I think Jesse Eisenberg is one of the funniest people in the world,” Stone, 27, said of her “Zombieland” co-star.

2. She also revealed the truth about her “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “La La Land” co-star Ryan Gosling. The actor, she deadpanned, is “bloodthirsty and vengeful.”

3. The “Amazing Spider-Man” star also listed the celebrities who’ve made her most starstruck: “First Wives Club” star Diane Keaton, “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels and two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. “I cried in front of all three of them,” Stone confessed.

4. The actress said that if she could grab coffee with anyone in history, it would be late “SNL” comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989.

5. One thing Stone can’t live without? “Love,” she said. “In whatever form that takes.”

6. The hair color she enjoys having the most? “Probably red.”

7. Favorite foods? French fries … and brussels sprouts.

8. Actor she’d like to film a love scene with? “Marlon Brando — in ‘On The Waterfront.'”

9. Advice she’d give to her teenage self? “Stop with the self-tanner. It’s enough.”

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