Ethereum and bitcoin difference

Ethereum – What is this and Why for digital financial transcation

What is a Ethereum? This is the big question of current financial market. Lot’s of person knows about Bitcoin. But very few one knows about it Ethereum currency.

It is a digital currency as usual Bitcoin. It works like Bitcoin Technology. It is using for financial purpose. But it another form of digital currency.

It’s a new digital currency called it Ethereum. The current price of Ethereum is $40. The popularity of this pistol currency you can understand because of last 2 month bullish Trend.

Infographic by blockgeeks

2 months ago this is the currency wars in $20. It means, if you invested $10 in February 2017. Then current value of this currency is $20. I told you that it’s similar to bitcoin. So that’s why all the features are same.

But Bitcoin is right now on the outside. And trending around $1,300 That’s why lot’s the person cannot hold it complete amount of digital currency. This digital currency can be generated. But for a limited amount of resources. So that’s why it’s valuable for longer term. Current production of ethereum price till 200 dollars.

You are looking for future investment, then definitely this digital currency is for you. If you want to know more then please connected with us in future we will give you lots of update regarding the digital currency.

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