hair care routine Khadi Green Apple+ Conditioner Shampoo, 210ml

Dove Daily Shine Conditioner 180 ml

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  • Adds shine to normal hair
  • Nourishes and protects from daily wear and tear
  • Formulated with Nutritive Serum
  • Leaves hair strong and beautiful
  • Gentle formula that's suitable for everyday use

Product Description

Restore the health and shine of your hair with the Daily Shine Conditioner from Dove. Fortified with nutritional serum, the conditioner repairs the hair cuticles and provides a protective layer to your lengths, making them shiny by restoring their ability to reflect light. All you need to do is, apply a small amount of conditioner to your hair from mid lengths to tips and rinse it off after a minute to get shiny and manageable hair, every day. Buy the Daily Shine conditioner from Dove right here to experience the change you always wanted! Ask us how to make hair shiny and we'll tell you that the answer is easy: use a nourishing conditioner that smoothes and strengthens* . Because when hair is sleek and conditioned, it reflects more light, giving that beautiful shiny finish. Enriched with our Nutritive Serum, Dove Daily Shine Conditioner smoothes over the strands' cuticles, leaving soft, silky hair with added strength**and shine from the very first wash. And because we don't want...

Nature's Absolutes Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil, 200ml

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  • Highly effective in moisturizing and nourishing hair, castor oil aids in promoting hair growth and strengthening hair
  • This carrier oil works as a gentle and effective face cleanser, removing dust, grime and other impurities settling on the skin through the day
  • As this oil is easily absorbed, it deeply hydrates the skin making it smooth and soft
  • Nature's Absolutes uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our cold pressed castor oil's purity is maintained

Product Description

Cold pressed castor oil by Nature's Absolutes is one of the most versatile carrier or base oils used in skin and hair care. It is rich nutrients required by the body, making it highly coveted in any beauty routine. Pure, cold pressed castor oil is pale yellow in colour, viscous and has a distinct and pungent aroma that may be unpleasant to some. It is recommended that this oil be blended with other carrier oils or essential oils of your preference to mask its aroma this oil deeply moisturizes and conditions hair, adding strength and vibrance and promoting hair growth. When applied to eyelashes and eyebrows, it helps keep them thick and dark. As it is easily absorbed by the skin, it makes a perfect natural cleanser when applied to the face, gently and effectively removing the day's dirt and grime from the skin and protecting the skin's quality. Castor oil is also highly effective in hydrating dry, lifeless skin making it glow with a renewed health and making skin smooth and soft....

Khadi Green Apple+ Conditioner Shampoo, 210ml

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  • Wet hair, take shampoo according to hair length, massage all over scalp and entire hair length
  • Rinse off
  • Healthy hair

Product Description

Naturals presents its range of herbal skin and hair care products which are made with the extracts of various herbal plants. Its Green Apple Plus Conditioner Shampoo is a useful product for your daily hair care routine as it is created to provide you the effect of both a shampoo and a conditioner in a single product. The Khadi Green Apple Plus Conditioner Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. The shampoo is completely safe and gentle for your hair. Hence, daily application of this herbal shampoo will not affect your hair. Instead, it will nourish and protect your hair effectively. The Green Apple Plus Conditioner Shampoo uses Green Apple extracts as its main ingredient. Green Apple is a very effective hair tonic. It is a very rich anti-oxidant which provides the benefits of Vitamin A, B and C to your hair. It also cures dandruff and stimulates your hair growth. Amla, Reetha, Almond oil, Bhringaraj, Haritaki and Neem are the other ingredients present in this special shampoo....

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