Home exercise I Bodyfit Total Gym Kit Combo 20Kg Home Gym,Set

Bodyfit Total Gym Kit Combo 20Kg Home Gym,Set

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  • Weight Plates: 8
  • Weight Of Plates : 20 Kg 4X3 Kg, 4X2Kg, 4 Rods, 1 X 5 Feet , 1 X 3 Feet With Locs, 2 X Dumbbell Rods
  • With Gloves, Skipping Rope , Hand Grip

Product Description

Brand: Total Gym No. Weight Plates: 8 Weight Plates :, 4 Rods, 1 X 5 Feet , 1 X 3 Feet With Locks, 2 X Dumbbell Rods - Gloves, Skipping Rope , Hand Grip

Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102 for Weight Loss at Home | Bonus Tummy Trimmer And Skipping Rope for Stomach Exercise

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  • Lifeline Exercise Cycle: portable, non-motorized exercise cycle machine for home use. Electronic meter displays time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan. Manual tension knob for strength adjustment. Ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips. Steel frame construction. Easy to adjust the seat and handle position. Note: For Lifeline Exercise Cycle102 handles do not move backwards and forward during the exercise.
  • Health Management: A half hour on a stationary bicycle helps up your daily calorie burn. Burning a greater number of daily calories means that you will have an easier time managing your weight. Regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of developing chronic disease
  • Improved Joint Mobility: Cycling helps in improving the range of motion of your joints. Knees, ankles and hip joints are affected by cycling. When you paddle, all these joints rotate, which is good for their range of motion and they also become strong.
  • Installation: The product has to be assembled using an installation manual provided in the package. YouTube Installation video link can be provided on demand. Additionally, we can provide telephonic and WhatsApp based support for Installation. In few cities, we can connect you to 3rd Party Technician who provides installation on the chargeable basis. Please contact us before you order the product.
  • Box Content: One box which contains Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102 with a Bonus Tummy Trimmer

Product Description

Cardio Benefits Riding stationary bicycle counts as cardiovascular exercise. Regular cardio exercise helps lower high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar and may prevent heart attacks, especially if you've already suffered from one. Regularly riding a stationary bike helps your heart become more efficient at pumping blood. It also increases the amount of good cholesterol while lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in your system to result in less plaque build-up in your arteries. The simple act of riding a stationary bicycle 30 minutes a day, five times per week along with proper diet will help you to actively manage a healthy lifestyle. Joint-Friendly Many types of aerobic activity, such as jogging or team sports, can be hard on your joints because of the impact involved. A stationary cycle enables you to get your heart pumping without putting undue stress on your joints. The bike is especially good for people as it reduces mechanical stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles...

Stvin Six Pack Abs Exerciser / Six Pack Machine 20 Different Mode For Exercise And Fitness

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  • Six Pack Fitness, Full Abdominal, crunch and Sit-Up Exerciser - Lean Body Maximizer.
  • Arm Straps and Head Rest Included - 2 Resistance Straps + 6 Resistance Springs
  • Adjustable in Length between 45" to 54"
  • Easy to store - Made of light steel
  • ab Trainer for Abdomen Support Men & Women

Product Description

Durable and stylish, which look great in any room. specifically for the training of middle, lower and lateral abdominal muscles. In addition, the Bank has a swivel function 360 °, making the muscles become more stressed for faster results. 6xBench is a comfortable workout bench that holds your head and neck. Thanks to the effect of its rollers you'll feel a pleasant massage while you shape and work out your body. The central handles can be used to do push-ups. Compact adjustable Foldable design consumes minimal space Solid Steel Frame used in this abs rocket machine Ideal for Abs Chest and crunch exercis e Perfect for home training use Feature: Full Abdominal, crunch and Sit-Up Exerciser - Lean Body Maximizer. Arm Straps and Head Rest Included - 2 Resistance Straps + 6 Resistance Springs Adjustable in Length between 45" to 54" Easy to store - Made of light steel The best home gift at Christmas Package: Color box

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Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, regulating digestive health, building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, promoting physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system. Some studies indicate that exercise may increase life expectancy and ...

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