household cleaners Harpic Powerplus Toilet Cleaner Original, 1 L

Harpic Powerplus Toilet Cleaner Original, 1 L

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  • Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner. Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Removes 10 x more yellowish and tough stains
  • Thick liquid which clings and cleans from rim to U-bend
  • Toilet cleaner that cleans Available in various sizes: 200ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml
  • Available in three fresh, clean scents : Original, Orange and Rose.

Product Description

Cleaning the toilet is often the most hated and one house chore that tops the list of the worst house chores we have to complete. But an effective, reliable, strong and disinfecting toilet cleaner can make a big difference in getting this chore done with lesser frustration and quicker results. Harpic brings to you one such product that can make your toilet cleaning task a little less annoying and tiring.The Harpic white & shine bleach is a 2 in 1 formula that has an quick action on stains, giving you superior results that are unbeatable. Harpic Shine and Bleach is everything your toilet needs. It cleans all those annoying brown stains that just would not come out before. Harpic White & Shine Bleach is a disinfectant toilet cleaner, plus bleach, with a triple action that kills 100% germs, removes stain and whitens the bowl. Harpic White and Shine has thick toilet cleaning bleach formula that grips to the sides of the toilet bowl for superior performance. Its unique formula contains...

Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Citrus 975ml

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  • India's No.1 Floor Cleaning Brand. Recommended by the Indian Medical Association
  • Removes 100 types of Stains & 100 Germ strains
  • Use directly or diluted for regular use. Suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces
  • Leaves a Pleasant Fragrance

Product Description

Lizol is India’s No.1 floor cleaning brand and recommended by the Indian Medical Association. Keep your home fresh and germ-free with Lizol’s comprehensive 3 in 1 home-care solution. Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner contains a distinctive formulation that removes 100 types of stains and kills 100 illness causing germ strains. Lizol also gives 10 times better cleaning and germ protection than standard Phenyls, keeping the whole house cleaner, shinier and germ free. The product is available in 8 different fragrances and is perfect for floors, tiles, sinks, kitchen counters and all other washable surfaces in your home. Know the micro world of Lizol: We are constantly exposed to microorganisms. We, of course, don’t see them but they are both good and bad and always around us. Most of these microorganisms are harmless and we come into contact with them almost every time during our daily lives. They’re on you right now! In fact, some even help us keep healthy. But certain...

Siddhi Collection New Household Vacuum Cleaner Used For Blowing , Sucking , Dust Cleaning , Dry Cleaning Multipurpose Use (JK-8)

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  • Portable Vacuum Cleaner (220-240 V, 50 HZ, 1000 W)
  • Lightweight, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Which Is Ideal For Daily Cleaning
  • Blower Accessory For Multipurpose Use
  • Power: 1000 Watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 Volts
  • It Working Both Suction And Blower Functions.

Product Description

The orbit Clean vacuum cleaner is best for those who are looking for a machine that makes cleaning easier and is convenient to use. It is a compact and powerful machine with high suction and low power consumption. Product description : 1. Suitable for all Hard Floors For e.g wood, laminate, tiles, stone 2. Suitable for all Carpet For e.g wool, chenille, shaggy 3. Suitable for your car anytime Specification: 1. Power 1000W 2 .Bagless 3. With Blower function 4. Handy style 5. Automatic cord rewinder 6. Easy to operate 7. Accessories : Floor brush, 3 piece Pipe Plastic hose, Carry belt 8.

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