How bitcoin works

Yes, Got it! How bitcoin works.

Virtual currency or digital currency is a part of mathematics and technology with finance.

In simple words, we can say that digital currencdy is a part of FinTech (Finance oriented technolgoy).

E-Currency doesn’t work on borders neither for banks. It run on simple or complex maths who can create a complex network and that network can verify that bitcoin who depends on blockchain can be sucessfull and community keep records for detail of transactions.

When we are talking about bitcoin then right now only 21 million bitcoins have been created by satoshi nakamoto. Satoshi nakamoto is known as a creater of blockchain technology or fintech technology.

Many says that santoshi nakamoto is the name who depends on two company, first one san means samsung and hundai motor compnies but these words are never verifed.

Satoshi nakamoto created a algorithm who can define always 51% of users for a transcation and keeping record of every blockchain has been done.

So, In this article, we understand that bitcoin has been founded by satoshi nakamoto and it depends on blockchain technology.

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