Bitcoin : A Global Ditial Currency

Today’s global market based on digital world. All kind of business deals can be happend by internet technology.

Current traditional currency or money market system work via governments, money regulation authorities who simply print the respetive currency and spread out into the market. And cititzens of that country use that currency to trade or exchange for releated value with a proper respective tax or ration of fee to that money system.

No Goverment Involvment

But Bitcoin doesn’t need to print anything in hard ways. Bitcoin is a Digital Cryptocurrency because Computers and Mobile around the World can excecute this currency, anywhere anytime via Bitcoin Mining Process without any regulation or boundary limit.

Blockchain Technology

When Bitcoins send by a user into the blockchain network then all the time network keeps the record of all these transcation and no one can distroy, hide or manipulate these data of who had paid what.

This happens because of Blockchain technology who sending blocks as public information and record system.

Bitcoin Mining a Process

If, Bitcoin transfered into the network then it’s miners job to confirm that transaction and write them as a ledger record of bitcoins block.

This gerneral ledger is complete list of blocks known as Blockchain. So, Get Blochain adress and start bitcoin mining now!

Smart Way to Issue Currency Worldwide

Blockchain technology is safe way to transfer or issue currency in digital and crypto form acroos the world.

Complex System creates Saftey

There is no government or money system regulation but this blockchain technology creates reliability and saftey of this crypto currency module.

Blocks to Confirm by 51% users

This system is safe because of every transaction is public and confirmed by network users. So, every transaction accountbility maintaing by bitcoin user network in the ration of 51% aggreement.

More Miners join the network

Bitcoin Mining is random process via blockchain technology. That’s why more bitcoins miner join the network then speed and reliability is higher.

Block creation rate increases

More Bitcoin Miners then more block will be created by system. Cryptocoin currency rate increase and before a valid proof of work is generated. Bitcoin Using the Hashcash Proof of Network.

Bitcoin Mining Complete

  • Bitcoin Mining discovered many award themselves a certain number of bitcoin in the network. Bitcoin Miners into middle with the transaction data in a block and all miners in the network are verify transcations. That’s how bitcoin miner earn their bitcoins with realible technology and complex and easy system into the global level without any wallet in their pocket.
Bitcoin is a digital wallet which can be used by you anywhere anytime without any problem. That’s how business is so easy with digital world.