ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar and shikha Sharma CEO of Axis Bank will be arrested anytime for the bank ghotala or scam

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar and shikha Sharma CEO of Axis Bank will be arrested anytime for the bank scam

We all know that bank scams can be happen only by bankers involvement. The recent case was Nirav Modi who had scam of India.

For that particular Bank scam and another fraud cases has been put it by CBI. Now the ICICI Bank so and sharma the CEO of Axis Bank will be arrested at any time of movement due to banking scam and helping others to go away from India.

Bankers top level CEOs are the key role player to play this game.

We all know that if you are a normal customer of bank and you want any kind of loan which one is the basic fundamental of Banking. Then that same bank will apply lots of rule and clauses that’s why you are not able to get that particular loan to enhance either fulfill your requirement.

But if you will try to happy that particular bank with the help of some rupees on notes then he will be ready to give you all kind of leverage without any documentation or without any information or without any kind of justification they all are the son of b****.

Today’s market is the youngest market of the world. Young leaders rcues want more and more money to start the startup and get more revenue for the India. But these kind of mother f***** bankers are not trying to lend it out that money into the market.

Nirav Modi is just a sample who got the money and walk away from India. We all agree that he is the son of b**** but at the same time who entered the money either who give it the money they also the criminals.

Indian Government and Judiciary must have to f*** them and set a particular benchmark that if anybody will try to hack the money of India. Then Indians and Indian government will f*** them all.

Still this is a great initiative done by the Indian Government and judicial system and CBI that this is the first time when the higher level bankers are getting into the picture.

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar is the most valuable fees of ICICI Bank. If she is involved in this kind of activity then nobody can believe that any other bank is not doing that can of such activity.

This is a big alarm of all the banking system and share market of India. Because all Indians and all the economy is depending on that particular bank system. If the source of that particular banking system is doing that kind of such activity then definitely big worry for India.

If anybody who had stolen the money and gone from India. Then India can definitely sometime try to forget them but if anybody will try to cheat the people of India, f*** them all.

If you all are agree with us then definitely do such kind of activity with them either they will be he or she.

Nude them and then f*** them into the road. If you are agree with this then share this article.

I know this is first time when we are typing these kind of rude activity. But we can’t tolerate this if anybody will try to f*** any kind of Indian system. It’s a matter of national security nobody will tolerate like Dubai.

The law of Dubai is very strict regarding the criminals activity. Similarly we have to do that.

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