Indian Bitcoin Startup Firm Raised Million Value

Indian Bitcoin Startup Firm Raised Million Value

Unocoin, which runs a trading platform to attain, sell, and accretion bitcoins for Indian customers, said the money raised was the largest for an Indian bitcoin startup. Unocoin, which has 100,000 users and furthermore more 30 employees, has been in operation back December 2013.

Unocoin, a Indian bitcoin startup, has raised $1.5 million in funding from a join up of Indian and U.S. investors, the company announced upon Thursday.

Funding came from Indian entities such as Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels, and ah! Ventures along following U.S. investors such as Digital Currency Group, Boost VC, Bank to the Future, and FundersClub.

A cut off alternating for India. A few years ago subsequent to we wanted to get your hands on bitcoin, there was nothing closely in India.

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