Five latest news of 7th pay commission

7th pay commission

The central government has given top 5 latest news of 7th pay commission.

Everyone is waiting for their 7th pay commission rules and regulation. But this time government has given a strict control which is not working according to the system.

Primarily for clerks and employees of the central government. As per the report, most of the clouds and third-grade employees are not working according to the parameter. Their working style and slow process of results is the reason for this decision.


Recommendation of 7th Pay Commission was pay Commission would give the increment to the Government employees when they do perform according to the parameters. It will be similar to the private sector or corporate culture.

Very soon the government will launch 7th pay commission. After the revolution of Pay Commission or all the Government employees will get 50% of increment. The government will increase 30% of increment then more.

Government is trying to the best solution system to regulate the clerk and third-grade employees.

Pay Commission told that if anybody is not working. In the system then definitely they will not go to give any increment in future.

latest news of 7th pay commission


Pay Commission had already settled send parameters for different performance. For example, if you are Performing well then definitely you will get higher increment within a less time.

But if you are a slow mover then definitely they will not go to perform you they will pay you according to your performance.

The government step is right. After making this disease and then definitely performance and services of Government employees will increase at the rate of 30%.

latest news of 7th pay commission

Best option for all

If this will implemented on the real ground then definitely it can be the best option for all the Indians. Most of the time Indian economy is not going due to wrong decisions or slow processes.

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