Modi Names Baby Vaibhavi of Mirzapur (India)

Bharat and Vibha Singh from a village in eastern Uttar Pradeshs Mirzapur district had written a letter to the PM asking him to suggest a reveal for their daughter. My wife Vibha in the letter mentioned that the PMs excite for the girl child has been an inspiration and that two Indian girls had won medals in the Olympics, which is a moment of joy for the country, Bharat was quoted as saying.

Usually, children are christened by their parents and families.

But, for this tiny toddler, her declare Vaibhavi came not from her parents or relatives, but from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He added that he sent the letter by promptness accumulation to the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) going around for August 13.

And, surprisingly, two days standoffish, Bharat times-lucky a call, he hadnt in try of fact customary.

Hello, main Narendra Modi bol raha hoon. Aapki patni Vibha Singh ka patra mila, aapko badhai, aapke ghar beti ayi hai. Is bachchi ka naamkaran Vaibhavi karein, isme mata evam pita dono ka naam hai (Hello, Im Narendra Modi. I customary the letter of your wife Vibha Singh. Congratulations, you are blessed subsequent to a daughter. Name the girl Vaibhavi, as it contains the names of both the mother and father), Modi told Bharat harshly speaking phone.

When contacted, PMO officials confirmed that the PM had sent such a letter to the couple.

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