Mukesh Ambani Statement – India First then Actors

Reliance & other associated company’s CEO, Mukesh Ambani said that “For me, India first then anything else. If you are talking about actors then they have to think about that. Because they are Indian and India as a country will be first then actors can be come into the picture.”

After this statement, he try to cool down the situation and told that “I am not a intelligent personality but i understand the situation. But as a normal and common Indian – India first everything next.

Mukesh Ambani

This statement comes after lot’s of reaction form Bollywood and actors after ban of all the Pakistani movies and art activity in India after Uri attack.

priyanka chopra pakistan statment

Before than that priyanka Chopra told that “I think, Art and politics is a different subject. Don’t mix that because artist have only one religion, work and culture representation.”

karan johar pakistan statment

Bollywood most famous director Karan Johar said that “Don’t stop films, movies and Music because they don’t have boundaries. Why are you attacking on films, movies and music for boycott every-time?”

But our suggestion, Terror is terror and Pakistan is working as a terror state and if anyone can stop that then that is only and only economy restriction. Because these terror group and terrorist are the agenda of few country and political subject to rule and begin fear business for trade. So, we can stop this channel then they can be helpless.

We hope, everyone agree on this statement. If you have any thought then please comment it, Thanks !!

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