New money (dollars) need to come to the Bitcoin ecosystem to keep the actual price

Demand is ultimately set by the number of buyers who are comfortable to attain adding going on bitcoins. Buying late buildup bitcoins is lonesome necessary if there are passable retail outlets who comply bitcoin for payment. The number of buyers and the amount they are delightful to invest is a play a role of the current price compared furthermore their expectation of its price trajectory and the volatility of that price.

A third factor is the availability of local retail brokers from whom buyers can make a gaining of bitcoins. The number of brokers depends around the profitability of the enterprise of brokering which is in approach of view affected by the number of possible customers or buyers. (A fourth factor may be the inflation risk of the local currency. That should not be forgotten. Even as a upshot, without local brokers, this demand will go unfulfilled)

Net of this is a tangle of interrelated factors. In my judgement, the number of retail outlets who sell bitcoin is the major factor. It is realizable there is a tipping dwindling above which bitcoin takes off. IMHO that tipping reduction is a ways off.

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