Nirav Modi arrested in Hongkong

Nirav Modi arrested in Hongkong by Interpol police.

The biggest banking scam of India key player, Mr. Nirav modi arrested today by Hongkong team of Interpol team. They are searching him for the money laundry and misleading towards many citizens of the world community.

This news is revealed by @republic,@zeenews @ANI and many other agency. We are still look forward to hear from them for more.

More then 14000 crore rupees scam was happen in India by a Diamond businessman.

PNB bank was badly affected by this issue. Now still LIC is ready to invest in the bank but many normal and simple investors are not ready to invest by this issue.

If nirav modi will be arrested then it can be a big victory for the citizen of India and Goverenment of India.

Hope for the best.

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