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Nutrition Science

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AuthorB Srilakshmi
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LabelNew Age Internetional Publishers
ManufacturerNew Age Internetional Publishers
Number Of Pages572
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Publication Date2017
PublisherNew Age Internetional Publishers
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TitleNutrition Science

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Nutrition is the science of food and its relationship to health. All the topics related toNutrition Science with attractive illustrations and latest information are discussed inthis multi colour edition. This textbook covers syllabi of basic and applied nutritionscience of all Indian universities.Nutrients and the effect of deficiency are discussed in detail. Antioxidants which areessential for preventing degenerative diseases are explained well in this book. Thechapter ‘Nutrigenomics’ explains how dietary chemicals affect the balance betweenhealth and disease by altering genetic makeup. Nutrition education throughcomputers are elaborated to meet the present day needs.Challenges of Millennium Development Goals, National nutrition policies andorganisations and programmes related to Nutrition are discussed.This book serves as textbook for basic as well as applied nutrition science for thosespecialising in Nutrition Science at graduate and postgraduate levels. This book isvaluable for...

Food Science

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AuthorB Srilakshmi
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LabelNew Age International Publishers
ManufacturerNew Age International Publishers
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Publication Date2018-02-01
PublisherNew Age International Publishers
StudioNew Age International Publishers
TitleFood Science

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The study of Food Science emphasises on the composition of foods and the changes that occur when they are subjected to processing. The amount of nutrients present in different foods and the effect of cooking are part of the study of food science. In this edition, text of all the chapters has been updated and illustrations have been added and improved. Antioxidants present in different foods are highlighted throughout thebook. ‘Nutraceuticals’ which was part of a chapter earlier, now in this edition, is made into full-fledged chapter discussing in detail. As the demand for processed food is increasing, knowledge on food additives,convenience foods, packaging and labelling of foods is essential for a student of food science. Accordingly, these topics are discussed in detail in this edition. Since the harmful effects of fertilisers and pesticides are being realised, the importance of ‘Organic Food’ is brought out as a separate chapter. To improve the nutritional status, food...


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AuthorB Srilakshmi
EAN ListEAN List Element: 9788122435009
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Number Of Pages480
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Product GroupBook
Product Type NameABIS_BOOK
Publication Date2014-01-01
PublisherNew Age International Private Limited
StudioNew Age International Private Limited

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This book presents latest information and exhaustive and up-to-date exposition of nutrition and food requirements during different stages of life cycle and during various disease conditions.It describes in detail the nutritional and food requirements for adults, infants, children, adolescents and ageing persons.It explains the nutritional and food requirements of expectant and lactating mothers.It highlights the correct diet in cases of fever, obesity, anaemia, diabetes mellitus, ulcers, food sensitivity and diseases of the gastrointestinal disorders, heart, liver and kidneys.Includes chapters on diet in cases of cancer and genetic disorders.Sports nutrition is well elaborated in this edition.Food is valued not only for its nutritive value but also for its health value. The role of functional foods is discussed in all the chapters.This book also gives recent advances in Food, Nutrition and Drug Interaction and a special emphasis on nutritional management in AIDS.All topics are...

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