omtex ball thrower Omtex Elite Plastic Sidearm Pro Ball Thrower, Men’s Standard (Pink)

Omtex Elite Plastic Sidearm Pro Ball Thrower, Men's Standard (Pink)

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  • Designed to enhance one-on-one batting coaching sessions
  • For use with real senior size cricket balls
  • Also suitable for fielding or catching drills
  • Used at the international coaching level
  • Designed to help cricketers become better batsmen

Product Description

Whatever Standard and format of Cricket you play, Sidearm can help you become a better batsman. Sidearm offers high quality batting practice, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with little effort. Replicating all the rhythms and trajectories of a real bowler, Sidearm give the most effective batting practice possible. As used by Graham Gooch, the Sidearm, the Sidearm is the most important improvement to batting practice in a generation. Pace, bounce, swing and seam can be easily generated from the full length of the pitch. Once person can throw to another for hours on end. Instructions and Safety Guidelines: The speed generated by the Sidearm Pro could be dangerous if used inappropriately. To use your Sidearm Elite safely please make sure you follow the safety guidelines: Always wear a good quality cricket helmet, pads, gloves, thigh and chest guards and abdo guard (cup/box) when facing the Sidearm. Always throw from the...

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