‪Philippines – ‪China‬‬ Deal to Start South China Sea Process

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping have totally to supplementary talks far and wide along than disputed territory in the South China Sea in what China is hailing as a additional times of maritime cooperation in the middle of the two countries.

Chinas Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Liu Zhenmin told reporters in Beijing Thursday that the two leaders had very to compensation to a “track of dialogue” greater than the South China Sea in what is a new stage of maritime cooperation,” adding occurring that Dutertes visit signified a full recovery of the Philippine-China goodwill. The disputed Scarborough Shoal was not raised in the talks.

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China has been a friend of the Philippines and the roots of our bonds are highly deep and not easily severed, Duterte said in a speech at the Great Hall of the People after meeting Xi for 30 minutes. Even as we arrived in Beijing unventilated to winter, this is a springtime of our association,” he said.

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The disquiet marks one of the biggest definite steps Duterte has taken toward China back he took office in June. The tough-talking 71-year-dated leader has repeatedly questioned his nations alliance by now the

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