Price of Ethereum analysis – Technical charts break upwards bar 2016

Price of Ethereum analysis – Technical charts break upwards bar 2016

Hi, Ethereum is a digital currency, it’s based on blockchain technology who decentralized virtual machine with the help of application to transfer & trade money one system to another.

Ethereum is peer to peer connection & money transfer system in the form of blockchain technology. It’s a similar kind of e-currency like bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin & etc.

Price chart of Ethereum vs US Dollar in September 2016

Current Ethereum price has gain highest value in September against the US dollar. Ethereum technical chart analysis is giving the indication of price of Ethereum will be on the top till 2016. So, current price of Ethereum is the upward way of Ethereum value in compare to bitcoin, US Dollar, etc.

Ethereum trading & price trend:

Ethereum price value had managed good value against US Dollar and trading on the higher point. Ethereum got good move to upside, who has been satteled down at $13.20. Middile of the trade little bit slow flow but volume of trade had been taken speed and given replacement level of the last drop form the $13.29 hike to $12.98 bear way.

So, this is basically cleared the door for a new price tag of Ethereum. The best point of yesterday Ethereum value was $13.20 where lot’s of trader closed their value & has been taken their profit and move away form the trade of Ethereum. The chart of Ethereum and volume of Ethereum is showing the way of hourly feed of ETH/USD.

Price of Ethereum

Why, chart of Ethereum going upwards?

The main & basic reason of Ethereum price, hike is buyers not going to stop investing money on digital currency or e-currency. Big financial institute and investors are ready to buy all kind of digital currency, specially Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Etc. So, the support zone of Ethereum price is still in the mode of bullish way.

The valume of trade is another reason of hike of price of Ethereum. Because the current support price or zone will be $12.90 for Ethereum. If Ethereum will breake this point then one more sharp fall can be happen in current future, if it will not happen then we hope, we will see the next higher level of Ethereum price & volume.

Summary of Ethereum Chart of current week:

ETH price taken bullish price & higher versus the US Dollar,

Highlight of current ethereum pattern on the hourly chart of ETH/USD was more often in compare to others for more gains.

Buying volume is the most key factor of price hike of current session, it may be considered now since the price is now in the bullish zone.

Ethereum price is gaining transaction and traded higher against the US Dollar.

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