RBI will launch new digital currency like Bitcoin

RBI will launch new digital currency like Bitcoin

Hi friends, RBI will launch a new additional currency similar like Bitcoin.

RBI is Reserve Bank of India. An Indian government is very active for Digital currency to accept. That’s why they are moving ahead I’m going to create a new blockchain based digital currency solution.

RBI launching cryptocurrency

One of the sources of Reserve Bank of India told that only government would launch a new e currency to the users soon.

Bitcoin and digital currency are very popular in India. Most of the startups of Bitcoin is coming from India. For example searchtrade.com, moon Bitcoin, and many others.

China is blocking initial coin offering. But India is initiating the process of the digital currency acceptance.

India’s looking for an e-currency solution which one based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the laser based system. In this laser system, all the accounting part will close and accomplish in a blockchain.

Since, It is safe and Secure, and nobody can hack nearly. Every year in all over the world 6:30 million dollars hack by hackers.

The best part of digital e currency is you can transfer your money from one end of the world to another end of the world.

blockchain network a bitcoin buy

Transaction fees are meager

Transaction fees are meager in comparison to the current tax charges.

Consequently, It is the process of no pain with maximum gain.

Which is the great initiative of Indian Government? And this is a direct positive signal that India is ready to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Especially relevant, RBI to let with the help of currencies. Furthermore, The ease of business will be the best part.

India Is the fastest economy in the world. Is there starting that initiative then it’s appreciated the strong move.

Bitcoin is the most popular currency in all over the world. That’s Why Indian government is looking forward to giving a solution to the users.

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