bitcoin cash takes rally of 200% in 2 days

Top 10 Key Points of BITCOIN CASH bull rally after bitcoin breakup

Bitcoin divided into two parts. The first is BTC and second one is BCC (Bitcoin cash).

After the block chain has decided to break this cryptocurrency into two parts from 1st August 2017. The rally of Bitcoin cash has gone high level within 48 hours. Only two days have gone, and Bitcoin cash is trading on $630.

Initially, Bitcoin blockchain company was working as a single unit. But after many suggestion and opinions to make Bitcoin more secure and reliable. Owners divided into two parts. One, who thinks that the current version of Bitcoin (BTC) best solution for all. Second, who thinks that a new blockchain process can make life easier for other worldwide customers of Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency payment method in the form of Bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin breakup in two ways bitcoin cash and BTC

Before then dividing, BTC & BCC had equal value of token to hold of Bitcoin. But after opening, Bitcoin cash got $215 value. Then within 48+ hours, Bitcoin cash got 215% growth and trading at the point of $640.

Most of the organization are not supporting Bitcoin cash community. But the growth value is rapid.

According to the currency Council, BCC is a new concept, and there is no any other competitor of it. That’s why success ratio can be higher in upcoming future.

They suggest that best network and technology is required to succeed this digital currency like Bitcoin BTC. Currently, bitcoin cash is based on 8 MB format and making more easy transaction payment to the world. But the network is low. Every one of this community hopes that aggressive approach of the customers can enhance the reach of the BCC soon.

After the break-up of Bitcoin, everyone who have Bitcoin before then that they can get and choose the equal amount of token. Either it can be BTC or BCC. But after division, BCC who is a new form of Bitcoin got rapid growth. Still, this currency is very low in comparison to BTC. Because the current price of BTC is sitting on $2700 or more.

bitcoin price after breakup in two parts

Company and investors are still watching the response of BTC and BCC. But it’s sure that for trading, BCC is best opportunity to trade and get some extra earning of traders.

It’s sure that digital currency and e-payment is a current trend of the market. It’s fast and easy to the user. Similar, Ethereum currency price is jumping high side.

It’s a good sign of the market and makes more flexible global values to seller and customers.

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