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Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster

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  • Includes three elite darts
  • Firing range up to 15 feet
  • Precision light beam, strong and quick firing power

Product Description

Defeat the Enemy with Powerful Blaster Gun Most kids these days are always on an adrenaline rush, constantly running around the house and creating mischief. For your energy-charged little one, the Funskool Nerf N Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster is just the right toy. Watch your kid's cute face light up with delight when you gift this power-packed N Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster to them. Ideal for children aged eight years and above, this blaster gun is extremely attractive to look at. Sporting a bright combination of orange and blue, this gun will excite your little adventurer to no limits.Enjoy a Life-like Battle Situation This Nerf N Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster is the ideal gift for your little adrenaline junkie. Thanks to the precise laser beam, you can accurately aim and strike down your enemy. All you have to do is insert two AA batteries into the gun. Aim and shoot up to an impressive range of 45 meters (15 feet) and remain undefeated on the battle ground. Thanks to its...

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

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  • Nerf n-strike elite realiator blaster is a blaster and foam play for kids

Product Description

Nerf n-strike elite realiator blaster is a blaster and foam play for kids.

Nerf N-Strike 30 Dart Refill

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  • Refill pack includes 30 n-strike elite darts
  • Darts are compatible with any n-strike elite blasters
  • Blasters fire darts upto 75 feet

Product Description

The Funskool Nerf N-Strike Dart Refill pack comes with 30 pieces of N-strike Elite darts. The darts are compatible with all of the N-Strike Elite Blasters. These blasters can fire up to a distance of 75 feet. Safe Nerf Dart Tag Refill This dart tag refill pack is designed to be safe. Children can use these darts throughout the day while their parents can rest assured that the darts they are playing with have been specifically designed for many types of kid activities. Compatible Darts The Nerf N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill Pack is compatible with any of the N-Strike Elite Blasters. Kids can enjoy these Nerf N-Strike Dart refills on their blasters to replace or restock their ammo supply. This means that the Nerf N-Strike Elite refill helps children to play for longer and with more frequency. Soft, Compact and Light The dimensions are 4 cm x 15.9 cm x 15.2 cm and they weigh about 9 grams. Though the darts are small and light, they can fire up to a distance of 75 feet. They are also...

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