Ethereum cryptocurrency

7 Reasons – Why Ethereum cryptocurrency investment will pass Bitcoin in 2018?

Ethereum cryptocurrency will pass Bitcoin in 2018

Ethereum cryptocurrency investment is the hot altcoin and digital currency of 2018 forex & stock markets.

Today, We will read about, Why Ethereum cryptocurrency investment will pass Bitcoin in 2018?

Cryptocurrency exchange is bullish on Ethereum. Why not are they ready to bet on Bitcoin?

Crypto Exchanges
Crypto Exchanges

Live Price of CoinMarketCap & Crypto Exchanges

The cryptocurrency trading is hot trend of the current investment market. But the price difference between CoinMarketCap & other crypto exchange is varied when active users are trading live with real money into the market.

At the same time, the Trading volume of “cryptocurrency trading coins differ from each other.

Example: Bitcoin trading price is high and trading volume is low in comparison to any Ethereum.

Ethereum & Bitcoin volume and price difference
Ethereum & Bitcoin volume and price difference

What is the reason for trading volume difference between Ethereum & Bitcoin

Ethereum has corrected himself at their best valuation for now. Cryptocurrency trading is based on volume trade. Buyers and sellers are playing an active role in the trading market.

CoinMarketCap has daily 0.75 Million users daily, they are coming and watching the price analysis by their own.

Ethereum mining is now trending. The logic behind the mining of Ethereum is based on Ethereum mining pool distribution. If you are a trader of Cryptocurrency then you can find the best way to mining of bitcoin or Ethereum.

They are using to decode the encryption of blockchain transaction and making the blockchain hack by ethical hacking. These methods called crypto coin mining.

Ethereum mining pool distribution
Ethereum mining pool distribution

Many people using ethereum cloud mining. It is based on cloud based servers. Many different servers are doing this bot activity and mining ethereum from the exchange in cryptocurrency.

By this ethereum cloud mining method, many crypto companies are making every hour more than $10,000. It’s hard to do because multiple servers required and if you fail, you have to pay the cost of servers for mining.

It’s a kind of casino game. If you will win, you will get jackpot and if you will lose. You will lose your hard money and time.

gpu hashing power
gpu hashing power

What is hashing power?

It’s a calculation method that calculate the Hashing power. It means that the processing power of the cryptocurrency network. Like the Bitcoin, hashing power is highly mathematical and cryptography related operations for security purposes.

Hashing power is related to the network reaches a hash rate of 10 Th/s, it meant it could make 10 trillion calculations per second.

It will make the safety feature of cryptocurrency coin value. If the hash power is high the value of the coin will be high and market value must be bullish.

Same fundamentals are based on hashrate ethereum. The current hashrate ethereum was 288133.7823 GH/s.

The bitcoin cash hashrate was 4.558 Ehash/s. It was based on bitcoin cash mining pools.

Bitcoin hashrate distribution is a pie chart showing the hashrate distribution between the major bitcoin mining pools – Blockchain.

The monero cpu hashrate is TDP, App, Parameters, OS. 2X INTEL XEON CPU E5-2699 V4 @ 2.20GHZ, 1910, 145 W, XMR-STAK-CPU, -t 48, UBUNTU 16.10 x64.

By using this high end technology, servers and data will be secure and safe in terms of payment & transactions.

What is the role of monero profit calculator?

It’s a calculator that gives you expected XMR and USD return is depending on your hash rate & power consumption and electricity cost. You can measure the profit ratio of the hashing of tokens.

The monero profit calculator gives us the mining rewards include fees paid by people making transactions.

What is cryptocompare calculator?

Coinmarketcap is giving the live cryptocurrency price and values with profit change ratio. CoinMarketCap is a crypto currency analysis website that provides the live rate of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and all other alt coins into the cryptocurrency market.

You can use a cryptocompare calculator to measure the profit in future of the trade and investment. The cryptocompare calculator is the tool that provide profit from XMR and USD return within the time frame.

Example: Its value depends on ethereum gpu hashrate and giving you the expected percentage within the selected time frame.

By using all these methods, we can say that Ethereum cryptocurrency investment will pass Bitcoin in 2018.

If you have any query then please ask. We will try to give you the best and data analysis based answer that can solve your problem of cryptocurrency market.

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